Voices of Oswego Veterans


In fall of 2017, Tyler Art Gallery at SUNY Oswego hosted an exhibition featuring the Veteran’s Book Project: Objects for Deployment, a library of books co-written by Monica Haller and people who have been affected by war. In response to the exhibition, Michael Flanagan (Gallery Director), Rebecca Mushtare (faculty member), Peter Cardone (faculty member), Stephanie Pritchard (faculty member), Keli DiRisio (faculty member), and Benjamin Parker (Veteran and Military Services Coordinator) founded the Voices of Oswego Veterans project to increase visibility and increase awareness of student veterans on our campus.

Roughly 160 SUNY Oswego students have a direct military connection (Veteran, Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard, ROTC) with about 60 students currently serving. Almost a third of these students are female. The Voices of Oswego Veterans project is an effort to share stories and “humanize” a population that is often overlooked or thought of in terms of statistics and conflicts.

The pilot of this project shares the stories of nine SUNY Oswego students and alumni who are veterans. Students in ENG 102: Composition conducted interviews with the veterans and created a series of podcast episodes. Complementing each episode is an environmental portrait of the veteran interviewed composed by students in ART 343: Intermediate Photography. The branding of the project was created by students in ART 307: Type and Image. The website was designed and developed by students in ART 317: Web Media I and ART 417 Web Media II. A companion print publication was produced by students in ART 408: Publication Design. All components of this project will be on display in Penfield Library from March 1st – April 23rd, 2018 with a public reception on Thursday, March 1st, 4:00 – 5:30pm.

If you are a SUNY Oswego student and also a veteran who would like to participate in this project in the future, please contact Benjamin Parker, the Veteran & Military Services Coordinator at SUNY Oswego.